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Button extenders that will add an extra 1" to my waistline? Where were you when I was suffering at Thanksgiving dinner?

AnaMaria Glavan • 3 hours ago

Cuz the best part of nail polish are the weird names.

"I just wanna remind you that I'm an ordained minister."

Ben Henry • 2 hours ago

Trust in the cheese.

Jamie Jones • 6 hours ago

Dogs make everything better.

We didn't expect them to, but they really went there.


More dramatic than Romeo and Juliet.

Because no one glows up quite like gays glow up.


No one ever said "I do" to this foolishness.


6", 12", or 5'6"?

Among the victims are two best friends who were aid workers in Somalia, and the American managing director of a global consulting company.

Tamerra Griffin • 1 hour ago
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"As everyone knows, women were invented in 1990."

Prepare to be fascinated.




Maybe you know the words for this stuff.

Matthew Perpetua • 12 hours ago

Epic Games, the company behind the popular video game Fortnite, acknowledged the vulnerability and said it had been “addressed.”

Nicole Nguyen • 38 minutes ago

Grandmas with zero filter are the best.


I'm sure this is all totally normal.

Brad Esposito • 12 hours ago
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