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Skirts you can rock with sneakers, dresses you'll want to twirl in, and accessories your closet 100% needs — I'm just gonna say it, you're welcome.


Just here bringin' the facts.

Krista Torres • 1 hour ago

You know the drill.

Ryan Schocket • 35 minutes ago

We don't even deserve dogs.

Alex Naidus • 2 hours ago

"Banks gonna be pissed."

Ryan Schocket • 27 minutes ago

AKA how to make the best poached eggs ever.

Jesse Szewczyk • 51 minutes ago

*Shower* your baby-having pals in gifts you can be sure they'll love.

Rebekah Shoemake • 1 hour ago

The quiz doesn't lie.

According to audience members, "people were screaming, ducking down, crawling on the floor" and "shouts of 'gun' could be heard."

Julia Reinstein • 1 hour ago

"I said 'No' at my own wedding..."


They still have time to fall in love, even while they're saving the world.

emmaanny • 1 hour ago

Chocoholics, this quiz is for you!

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You can get your Oscar fix here.


My gloss is poppin'.

*Intense library flashbacks.*


Baby, baby, baby ohhhhh.


[chef's kiss]

Locals are warning that their hometowns are becoming like Disneyland.

A picture's worth a thousand words.

Women in Sudan have transformed Facebook groups initially set up to spill the tea on their love lives to expose members of the security forces abusing their power — and are now at the heart of protests sweeping the country.

Tamerra Griffin • 3 hours ago

Will you accept this meal?

These Los Angeles teachers need to chill.

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