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7 Ways To Improve The World As You Improve Yourself

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2. Donate Your Home Improvement

Zero Creatives / Via Getty Images

Getting an antique coffee station? A new, reclaimed wood dining table? How about an organic, jersey-knit duvet cover? Donate the old version. Goodwill accepts lightly used anything, pretty much.

3. Donate Your Wardrobe

Alan Light, (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 42274165@N00

You've decided that you're finally dressing like the professional you are, and you're going to stop wearing the cardigan you bought in high school or anything with lime-green lettering. Give your ill-fitting or unloved professional clothes to women who need them to nail job interviews.

5. Donate Your Date

Cultura/Liam Norris / Via Getty Images

You've vowed to go out more, but before you step out in style, buy a discounted gift certificate from a charity organization. You get the same food (but cheaper) and part of your money goes to those in need.

7. Donate Your Upgrade

Billy Brown, (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: billybrown00

When you grab the latest and greatest in cellular technology, give your old and unwanted phone to one of the many organizations that send them to those in need. It's better than letting it sit in a drawer until you move, which — don't lie — is exactly what your old phone is doing right now.

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