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Which 5W34 Suitemate Are You?

Find out which asian or brown girl you are.

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  1. What is your go-to snack?

    Asian bread and corn
    crackers, apples, and cheese
    Granola Bars
  2. What would you sell your soul for?

    Cocaine at the Ivey
    Crack @ the I-V
    A lot, specifically, wait anything really
  3. Favourite Beverage

    Honey water
    Coffee/Vitamin Water/Perrier Water
  4. What colour best describes your soul?

  5. Which political leader do you worship?

    Barack Hussein Obama
    Justin Trudeau - he's cute
    President Donald J Trump
  6. You have 8:30 class, what do you do?

    Get up at 8:15, go back to sleep for 5 minutes, and then leave for class at 8:26
    Who the fuck would choose 8:30 class?
    *leaves at 7*
    Debate at 8:00 whether I should go, then decide that my happiness is worth more than a degree and enjoy a full 8 hours of sleep
  7. Who are you most likely to marry?

    Micheal, Micheal, MichAEOl
    Preferably a white guy, but will probably marry a brown guy
    *marries a conservative*
    A 5 year older brown engineer
  8. How would you describe yourself?

    Asian Excellence Over-sleeping
    Abraham Lincoln Eisenhower Obama
    Night Owl Angelina's roomie Hates Angelina
    Apple Juice Lonely Craves affection
  9. What's your go-to outfit?

    Hat and cover ALL skin at ALL times
    show ALL skin at ALL times
    What ever is on top of my pile
  10. Your view on race jokes:

    Is it because i'm Asian?
    Queen Rania loves my race jokes
    I don't make them but I do enjoy them
    Love them, but don't record me b/c Prime Minister 2050
    *makes race jokes too late*
    But disclaimer: race jokes are only okay if all participating parties understand that no harm is due. #Hunjan2050
    y e l l o w

Which 5W34 Suitemate Are You?

You got: Simran

Loves politics #hunjan2050 will make vitamin water free for all Canadian citizens and coffee a daily requirement, also will advocate for one asian joke a day. Hope to see you at the polls. #Hunjan2050 #YesWeCanADIAN

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You got: Samantha Zheng

Hi I'm Asian, i love asian bread. Pls donate to my gofund me page. Im starving. You can find me sleeping or selling cocaine at the Ivey. I also play a typical asian sport #Ionlywonsilver #justjokingweareproud #willwingoldin2050

Samantha Zheng
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You got: Emily

"one second finishing my eyebrows" *One hour later* Loves to watch Greys, Jane the Virgin, etc while simultaneously plotting Angelina's murder Im getting married in 2050 wearing my dick veil. please RSVP #emwedsvishal2050

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You got: Angelina

"Hey I'm gonna wake up early tomorrow" *wakes up at 12:30 pm* Gets popcorn chicken, will drink vodka and hot chocolate, loves twins on 4W. Will ask you to group nap, even when you try to avoid it, it will happen. #pickmechoosemeloveme Will be featured on future seasons of the Bachelor and hopefully, I will have the honour to be YOUR Bachelorette. #myheartisgoldbutmyvagineisplatinum #platinumvagine2050

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