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36 Totally Modern Truth Or Dares To Play In 2015

Social media changes everything.

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1. Leave your phone at home for an entire day.

2. Let your friend update your status to whatever they want.

3. Upload a selfie of your ~bad side~.

4. Take a selfie with a stranger.

5. PLOT TWIST: As above, but they can't know you're taking the photo.

6. Ask out your crush by posting on their feed.

7. Let someone upload any photo they want from your phone.

8. Poke your ex on Facebook.

9. Change your relationship status to "Engaged".

10. Deep-like an embarrassing old photo so it reappears in everyone's News Feed.

11. Photobomb a random on the street.

12. Photobomb a news anchor.

13. Talk only in hashtags.

14. Let your friend draft a text to your crush.

15. Copy the last text you sent to your bae and send it to your mum or dad.

16. Let someone dig through your internet browser history.

17. Change your profile pic back to the first one you ever had.

18. Go through and like all of your crush's photos.


1. Have you ever gone somewhere just because you saw your crush tagged there?

2. If you had to block or unfriend one of your real-life mates, who would it be?

3. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever searched?

4. Have you ever stalked an ex on Facebook?

5. Do you use photo-correcting apps before uploading a selfie?

6. Have you ever uploaded a terrible pic of your friend just because you looked good in it?

7. Have you ever cropped out a friend because they look better than you?

8. Have you ever gone somewhere just so you could Instagram the pic?

9. Have you ever lied about a photo having #nofilter?

10. What TV show do you pretend to hate but secretly binge on?

11. Do you ever time your picture uploads to get more likes?

12. What's the biggest lie you've told on a dating app?

13. Have you ever muted one of your group chats?

14. Who have you unfollowed on your News Feed?

15. Do you ever read messages and "mark as unread" so you don't have to reply?

16. Have you ever added ~friends~ only to bump up your friend count?

17. Have you ever looked through your S.O.'s private messages?

18. Who is the last person you texted from the toilet?

Can you think of any more new truth or dares?