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If You Weren’t Scared Of Sharks Before, You Will Be Now

Sorry in advance for the nightmares.

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1. Imagine seeing this big 'ol fin while you're taking a dip.

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It's like the horrifying version of whale watching.

2. Does the idea of getting into a shark cage make your heart drop into your stomach?

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What do you call it when you're afraid of sharks AND confined spaces?

3. Definitely nothing scary here – just a shark casually swimming by.

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No, thank you, please.

4. Can you honestly say this wouldn't freak you out?

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*screams internally*


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That rope NEEDS to do better.

6. Does this shark's dramatic entrance make your hands sweat?

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This is pure nightmare fuel.

7. Imagine being greeted by this big boy...

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8. ...or seeing these pearly whites up close.

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That's right, TWO rows of chompers.

9. Did you just gasp? You definitely just gasped.

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It's okay – that's the appropriate reaction.

Scared yet? 47 Meters Down is coming for you on June 16.

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