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Which Member Of Squad 251 Are You?

Take this wicked fun quiz to see which roommate from Milton 251 you are!

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  1. What do you order when you go to Starbucks?

    Caramel Macchiato - always a venti, of course.
    Latte - keep it simple.
    Anything that doesn't actually have coffee in it.
  2. What region of the US are you from?

    East coast, baby!
    South - born and raised. Yeehaw!
    That blob in the middle that no one really knows.
  3. How often do you go to the gym?

    All day, e'ry day.
    When I have the energy.
    When someone forces me to...
  4. Which natural disaster are you?

    Hurricane - hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife.
    Tornado - I'll blow you (away).
    Earthquake - I can make your bed rock.
  5. Which late night snack would you grab?

    Anything with cheese.
    Is it too late for coffee?
    Ramen and three bananas.
  6. What's your relationship like with your FitBit?

    I'm not going to bed until I'm in first place!
    I should probably charge this thing...
    Don't have one, don't need one.
  7. How do you like to annoy your roomie(s)?

    Scaring them, of course!
    Pranks pranks pranks.
    My presence.
  8. How long to you wait to do your laundry?

    As soon as the basket starts getting full.
    Once I run out of pants to wear.
    Wait - are those clean?
  9. You have a 9 AM tomorrow. What time do you set your alarm for?

    7:30 - I need time for my 45 minute shower.
    8:15 - I just need time to make coffee.
    6:00 - gotta finish the homework.
  10. Pick a catchphrase that best describes you.

    Oh heeeeeeeck no.
    I'm almost done with this episode.
    My life is a mess and so am I.
  11. Which guy from New Girl is most like you?

Which Member Of Squad 251 Are You?

You got: Anna Breck

You got AB -- you're a true homie! Grab some pizza rolls and curse like a sailor, but don't leave the room without your Midwestern swag! You're someone people love to be around and you're an amazing friend -- always ready to listen and always willing to help a friend in need. You like to stay positive and are good at brightening people's days. You should feel honored to be matched with this member of the squad!

Anna Breck
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You got: Mai Nguyen

You got Mai - roomie #2! What a Nguyen-er. You probably think you're funnier than you actually are. You're a proud Texan and your FitBit is your source of life, along with bananas. Your friends/roommates miss you a lot whenever you're not around, but that's just because you make such a lasting impact on the people around you! You work very hard at everything you do and your (rare) study breaks are probably spent napping.

Mai Nguyen
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You got: Anna Tighe

You got AT - you are wicked sweet! People often find you "studying" - aka watching endless amounts of Netflix while drinking coffee. You love to help people and you're happy knowing the people around you are happy, but you're even happier when dogs are involved. You take pride in your weird New England ways, but you're not worried about that because you know you're represented by the greatest team in NFL history. Go Pats!

Anna Tighe
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