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What's Changed Since The '90s

Travel back with us to the '90s. Those years were all about beepers, your favorite JNCO jeans and boy, those frosted tips. Take a chance to remember more of your favorite things from back then, marvel at how much times have changed, and don't forget to catch "21 Jump Street" — in theaters now!

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Napster vs. Spotify


It's pretty incredible how many viruses we subjected our computers to by using music game-changer Napster back in the '90s. Not so amazing? That MP3s became king. But now, at least we have a safer way to consume music through Spotify.

Carmen Electra vs. Kim Kardashian

John Parra / Getty Images

Spring break's Carmen Electra had the name (and assets) to reach pubescent bedroom walls everywhere, but Kim Kardashian came armed with our generations most unbeatable fame tactic: the sex tape.

Nirvana vs. Jay-Z and Kanye

Jeff Kravitz / Johnny Nunez / Getty Images

Angst is always chic, so when '90s grunge gave way to '10s hip-hop, the general themes remained. However, the ultimate battle between plaid and bling still persists.

Pale vs. Tan

David Terrazas Morales / Erin Patrice O'Brien / Getty Images

Practically-translucent skin used to be quite fashionable, but with Jersey Shore in the headlines and impressive spray tan technology, a golden hue is summer's greatest accessory.

Beeper vs. iPhone

David H. Lewis / alexey_boldin / Getty Images

You used to only need a beeper if you were a drug dealer or an expectant father. Nowadays, we're so dependent on mobile devices that we can barely function without them--let alone find the time to procreate or peddle narcotics.

Pierce Brosnan's Bond vs. Daniel Craig's Bond

Ron Galella / Franziska Krug / Getty Images

Pierce Brosnan played James Bond in 1995’s GoldenEye, totally nailing that “dark and handsome' thing. In the hot-and-hunky sense, not much has changed, and now we're into Daniel Craig's Bond, who's not afraid of what his short shorts will do as he emerges from the sea.

Frosted Tips vs. The Blow-Out

Annamaria DiSanto / Rommel Demano / Getty Images

To this day, there’s still no real reason why men gave themselves frosted tips &ndash. And as we're still spending time trying to figure out that first mystery, we haven't had any time to contend with this generation's blow-out problem. Sorry.

JNCOs vs. Skinny Jeans

UniversalImagesGroup / / Getty Images

Authoritative figures had issues with JNCO jeans because of the ample amounts of drug paraphernalia (and basically anything else of any size or shape) kids could hide in them, but skinny jeans cause plenty of problems too. (See: low sperm counts.)

Boy Meets World vs. Jersey Shore

James Sorensen / Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Boy Meets World showed kids how to be kids, and all the awkward things they had to look forward to as teenagers and adults. Jersey Shore, on the other hand, doesn’t show very much of anything – except how to distinguish between hotties and "grenades."