21 Ways To Always Live Like You’re 21

Never turn twenty-two. But you can still undo the damage if you already have. It’s stupid easy: check out this list and then catch 21 & Over in theaters on March 1st.

1. Know that you’re the hottest.

2. And have the best dance moves.

3. Once a week, set something on fire.

4. Moderation? No. Shhh. You’re upsetting the booze.

5. Remain BFFs with hangovers.

6. Have unexpected freak outs about the future.

7. Then run away from those problems (naked, obviously).

8. Never ever have enough cash money.

10. Unless you’re hanging with your buds.

11. If something is a terrible idea… do it.

12. “Hey, do you own any furniture?”

15. Seriously, just never get good at walking.

16. Make up totally original/believable excuses.

18. Be dramatic on random Wednesdays.

19. Just be hilariously honest.

20. Then keep almost seriously hurting yourself.

21. But always finish with this…

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