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Brad Pitt Is Saving The Planet In "Ad Astra" So We're All Going To Be Fine

I'll relax with a cocktail and you take care of the planet, Braddles.

This September, Brad Pitt is shooting off to the outer edges of the galaxy as an elite astronaut in Ad Astra ⁠— so get ready to be starstruck.

1. First off, you know that these shoulders could definitely manage the weight of the world.

2. This cool determined stare is 110% reassuring that the world is going to be fine.

3. Not to mention that smile! What star could ever shine that bright?

4. Explosions are literally raining down on him and Brad just calmly takes it all in.

5. He doesn't back down from an intellectual debate — holding his own through both explosions and arguments.

6. He's cool and calculating all the way through, thinking hard on the decisions that will eventually save the world.

7. Watching him walk with such PURPOSE makes it obvious that he has everything under control.

8. He's both majestic and in charge.

9. He's probably falling here and thinking, "Yes! This is exactly where I should be right now."

10. His stoic facade in the face of needles is ~literally~ the only qualification needed to save the planet.

11. And this effortless shrug just screams, "I GOT THIS!"

Journey to the stars with Brad in Ad Astra — in cinemas September 19.

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Because the only thing better than watching Braddles do his thing, is watching him do it on the big screen.