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14 Things That Pretty Much Always Happen Around Valentine's Day

Chocolates, hearts, and flowers...everywhere. 1-800-Flowers has all the hacks and tricks to get you ready for Valentine's Day.

1. Little by little, heart-shaped foods start to pop up in every place imaginable.

2. A first-timer will turn to the internet for tips and tricks because they're clueless when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day.

3. A coworker will glare with jealousy as their friend gets flowers delivered to the office early.

4. A significant other will give a wholehearted attempt at a DIY gift.

5. And when it ultimately fails, they'll realize flowers were probably the better option.

6. Someone will hunt down the largest box of candy known to man even though their partner will only eat just one or two pieces.

7. A frugal partner will zoom through every coupon code on the internet to get a good deal or deep discount on flowers.

8. And clueless valentines will try to figure out what kind of flower is their S.O.'s favorite.

9. Someone will attempt to bribe the maître d of a fancy restaurant to impress their date.

10. And if they can't get a fancy restaurant in time, they'll try to set up something cheesy.

11. Florists will laugh at 11th-hour orders for a dozen roses.

12. Someone who forgot about the holiday will shed a single tear at the sight of a ravaged Valentine's Day aisle in the supermarket...

13. they'll have to improvise with...a less romantic option.

14. And a partner who thought ahead of time for their S.O. will kick back and watch as everyone else scrambles to plan for Valentine's Day.

Save yourself the stress this holiday and plan ahead. It's not Valentine's Day without 1-800-Flowers, so shop early and save a big gift for your loved one!

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