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    22 Art GIFs Inspired By The Hottest Memes Of 2014

    How 'bout those memes? London-based GIF gallery 15folds teamed up with the BuzzFeed Creative Animation Team to curate a special end-of-year, meme-themed show "Meme-mas," asking some of their favorite artists to submit GIFs in response to the best memes of 2014.

    Pharrell's Hat

    Kim Kardashian Breaking The Internet

    Sad Kanye Zip Lining

    "I’m In Me Mum’s Car, Broom Broom!"

    Starbucks Misspelled Names

    The Luigi Death Stare

    Kermit Sipping The Tea

    The Ice Bucket Challenge

    Meme Mash-Ups

    Happy New Year!

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