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18 Questions We Have About The “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 Trailer

We need answers. Binge-watch the new season of 13 Reasons Why now on Netflix.

1. Who put this cryptic photo in Clay's locker?

2. Are Bryce and his jock mates behind this vicious attack?

3. Will Clay be haunted by Hannah's ghost forever?

4. What secret is Tony burning?

5. Is he training for another brotherly boxing session down at the docks?

6. Has Ryan given up his journalistic dreams to...draw circles?

7. Who's trying to silence Jessica?

8. Is it the same person who's leaving creepy threats for Justin?

9. Will Bryce finally be held responsible for his horrific actions?

10. Does he even need glasses, or is this just another one of his lies????

11. And seriously, who is leaving these mysterious Polaroids everywhere?

12. Who's the new girl at Liberty High?

13. What's going on with Tyler?

14. Is Mr Porter crying because he's going to lose his job?

15. Or will his guilt drive him to take justice for Hannah into his own hands?

16. What theories have the Bakers come up with after having listened to the tapes?

17. Who's being taken away in the ambulance?

18. And what exactly did Clay have in mind when he said this?

All images via Netflix.

If you want answers too, watch the full second season of 13 Reasons Why now on Netflix.

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