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10 Fall Trends That Need To Stop Right Where They Are

As told by Kanye.

2. Jesus Pieces

FourPins / Via

Just cuz GQ Style Guy, Glenn O’Brien can rock it doesn’t mean YOU should.

3. Camo

The Sartorialist / Via

Camo is so over. Srry i’m n0t srry.

4. Man-Fans

Tommy Ton / Via

5. Keffiyehs


Is this 2006?

6. …or worse, Blankets!

Tommy Ton / Via

Y’all better watch out!

7. Athletic Socks anywhere outside the gym

Tommy Ton / Via

Don’t trip.

8. Du Rags

FourPins / Via


Y’all motherf**ckin embarrassing ya’selves!

9. Girts

Tommy Ton

Tommy Ton


Guy-Skirts. Kanye did it once.

Yeezy taught me.

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