Proof That Masks Are The Most Terrifying Things In The World

Don’t even think about reading this in the dark. For more bone-chilling masked monsters, watch out for the The Animals in You’re Next, NOW PLAYING.

1. Who’s that knocking at my door,

Alice Sweet Alice /__username__ / Via

2. Moving silently across the floor?

3. Who’s that lurking in my hall,

4. Tapping lightly on my wall?

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon /__username__ / Via

5. Who’s that hiding in my shed,

Halloween /__username__ / Via

6. Something scary, something dead?

7. Who’s that rustling in the dark?

Eyes Wide Shut /__username__ / Via

8. Something caused my dog to bark.

Motel Hell /__username__ / Via

9. Who’s that crawling up the tree,

Donnie Darko/__username__ / Via

10. Peeking in and watching me?

11. Who’s that in the blackness deep?

Scream /__username__ / Via

12. Towards my house I hear it creep.

13. Who’s that giving me a fright,

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre /__username__ / Via

14. Scaring me so late at night?

Saw /__username__ / Via

Ready for more masked terror? Find out what happens when The Animals go on the hunt in You’re Next:

You’re Next / Lionsgate Horror / Via


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