10 Things You’d Never Think To Do If You Won The Lottery

Need help brainstorming a few ways to fritter away your fantasy fortune? The wannabe billionaires at BuzzFeed are here to help.

1. Paint Your Car With Diamonds

No windows means no more having to look at all the other drivers that can’t afford diamond-coated cars.

2. Install A Rock Climbing Wall In Your House

The only real downside is having to strap into a safety harness every time you want to grab a snack from the kitchen.

3. Get An Animatronic Triceratops For Your Front Lawn

“Oh, you put Jack-O-Lanterns outside your house every Halloween? That’s cute.”

4. Build Your Cat A Mech Suit

Sure, get your grumpy kitty a suit of weaponized power armor…what’s the worst that could happen?

5. Serve Ice Cubes In The Shape Of Your Head

They’re only creepy if you make extended eye contact.

6. Dip Your Sneakers In 24 Carat Gold

Other things that’re worth dipping in gold: everything.

7. Construct An Outfit From Delicious Bacon

Protip: just don’t wear it around bears, wolfs, mountain lions, feral dogs, gangs of raccoons, emotionally disturbed elk, broke college students, or any other types of hungry…well, anything.

8. Speed Around On A Jet Pack

The JetLev-Flyer water pack: $130,000. The faces on the other kids at the public pool: priceless.

9. Collect All Of The Batmobiles

And then: High Octane All-Batmobile Demolition Derby. It’s the overblown Sunday night spectacle that your city deserves.

10. Just About Everything Else

Washington’s Lottery / Via http://www.walottery.com

With jackpots estimated at up to $146 million (and rising!), anything is possible for a Washington’s Lottery winner.

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