Here’s What Lena Dunham Wore To The Emmys

Because you were DEFINITELY wondering.

1. Here’s what Lena Dunham wore to the Emmys.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
ID: 3678136

2. Actually, lemme just zoom out a bit…

ID: 3678156

3. THIS is what Lena Dunham wore to the Emmys.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Designed by Marc Bouwer.

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4. Yeeeeah.

ID: 3678196

5. Here’s what it looked like on the red carpet.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
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6. Here’s what it looks like next to her boyfriend Jack Antonoff.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images
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7. Here’s what they look like with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein.

ID: 3678160

8. And here’s what it looks like from the back.

Waiting behind @lenadunham. Where can I get one of these?! #color

— Angelica McDaniel (@AngelicaMcD)
ID: 3678166

9. Here’s what someone thinks is Lena’s doppelganger.

Who wore it better? @lenadunham vs. @jimmyfallon #Emmys

— HuffPost TV (@HuffPostTV)
ID: 3678170

10. Here’s another.

Holy testicle Tuesday, Someone just won the internet #Emmys2014 #Emmys #LenaDunham

— TEA REX (@AmyBobbles)
ID: 3678182

11. And this.

Lena Dunham looks like a toilet doll

— jenily (@witheyesshut)
ID: 3678187

12. And also the prettiest cakes on Pinterest.

@POPSUGAREnt @lenadunham @POPSUGAR I love it!! She looks like a yummy ombre ruffle cake from Pinterest.

— Danielle McDaniels (@stilettomafia)
ID: 3678194

13. What do *YOU* think Lena Dunham’s dress looks like tonight?

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 3678180

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