21 Times Kelly Kapowski Taught Us How To Live

In honor of Tiffani Theissen’s 40th birthday.

1. The correct way to answer a payphone.

ID: 2325783

2. How to look cute during a class assembly.

ID: 2326222

3. How to say you’re sorry.

ID: 2326052

4. How to subtly let someone know to shut up.

ID: 2326299

5. How to show off your hair.

ID: 2325784

6. I mean, REALLY work that hair.

ID: 2325821

She is TRULY the champion of showing off good hair.

ID: 2326241

7. How to flirt from across the classroom.

ID: 2325777

8. How to discuss someone you and your friend mutually dislike.

ID: 2325709

(Or maybe even hate.)

ID: 2325794

9. How to give PG-13 bedroom eyes.

ID: 2325845

10. How to look cute while jumping rope.

ID: 2325806

11. And doing aerobics.

ID: 2326200

12. How to spot a true gentleman.

ID: 2325882

13. How to express your casual disgust.

ID: 2325745

14. How to express your most extreme disgust.

ID: 2325922

15. How to react to something with excitement — but not too much excitement.

ID: 2325739

16. How to slow dance.

ID: 2325854

17. How to pose with your friends.

ID: 2325809

18. How to smile and blink harmoniously.

ID: 2325713

19. How it’s OK to cry into your teddy bear when necessary.

ID: 2325829

20. How to remain flawless even in the wind.

ID: 2325892

21. And perhaps most importantly…

ID: 2325763

…how to land Zack Morris.

ID: 2325772

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