Sugar Bush The Squirrel Is The Most Pampered Pet In Florida

Maybe even the world. And now Sugar Bush — along with her owners — are being profiled on the next episode of TLC’s My Crazy Obsession.

1. This is Sugar Bush.

2. These are Sugar Bush’s owners, Kelly and Drew Foxton.

3. And this is a regular, outdoor squirrel looking at Sugar Bush’s awesome setup.

5. Kelly explains her love of Sugar Bush like so:

6. But Sugar Bush isn’t just your regular old domesticated squirrel.

7. Sugar Bush is a MODEL.

9. What other squirrel has such an extensive wig collection?

10. Or this many accessories?

11. (Over 4,000 to be exact.)

12. But it’s cool, because Kelly and Drew love Sugar Bush a lot.

13. Probably more than they could ever love a child.

14. Want more Sugar Bush? Watch her promo:

Sugar Bush’s episode of TLC’s My Crazy Obsession airs this Wednesday at 10pm.

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