53 Pairs Of Television-Themed Earrings

If you’re a truly dedicated fan of a particular TV show, why not advertise it on your ears?

1. The Simpsons

4. Yo! MTV Raps

6. Scooby Doo

7. Adventure Time

8. Carmen Sandiego

9. Saved By The Bell

11. Roseanne

13. Mystery Science Theater 3000

14. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

15. Mork and Mindy

16. Hey Arnold

17. The Jetsons

18. Golden Girls

19. Leave It To Beaver

21. Family Matters

22. Invader Zim

23. American Idol

24. Star Trek

25. Power Rangers

26. I Love Lucy

28. Fat Albert

29. Beavis And Butthead

30. Gilligan’s Island

31. The Flintstones

32. Dexter’s Laboratory

33. Powerpuff Girls

34. Speed Racer

35. Bewitched

37. SpongeBob Squarepants

38. Pee-Wee’s Playhouse

39. The Vampire Diaries

40. Jersey Shore

41. Perfect Strangers

42. The Smurfs

43. Family Guy

44. How I Met Your Mother

45. My So-Called Life

46. My Little Pony

47. Care Bears

48. Sailor Moon

49. Twin Peaks

50. Beetlejuice

51. Sherlock

52. Freaks and Geeks

53. Flight of the Conchords

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