Lady Gaga’s Butt Was The True Star Of The VMAs

Gaga’s butt, it is a thing of beauty.

1. Miley may have twerked upon Robin Thicke…

MTV / Via buzzfeed.com
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2. And NSYNC’s reunion may have changed our lives forever — but they weren’t quite as exposed…

MTV / Via buzzfeed.com
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3. …as Lady Gaga’s butt at the VMAs.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
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4. We saw it from the side.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
ID: 1555069

5. We saw it from behind.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images
ID: 1555070

6. Taylor Swift got caught staring at it.

ID: 1555065

7. (and she was jealous)

ID: 1555205

8. It even got to meet One Direction!

The boys with Lady Gaga backstage! #5

— 1DAlert (@1DAlert)



The boys with Lady Gaga backstage! #5

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9. Perhaps most importantly, it danced around a bunch…

ID: 1555194

10. …because it forgot about the cameras for a brief, glorious moment.

ID: 1555038

11. And no offense to Miley, but if ANYONE should have been twerking…

ID: 1555213

12. It should have been Lady Gaga’s butt.

Because it is flawless.

ID: 1555216

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