Everything You Need To Know About Lady Gaga’s Adorable New Dog Fozzi

Besides the fact that he’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

1. This is Fozzi.

ID: 527259

2. He’s Lady Gaga’s new dog.

ID: 527050

3. He is really, really cute.

Courtesy WENN.com

ID: 526531

4. He wore Lady Gaga’s glasses once.

ID: 527095

5. One time, he wore her wig.

ID: 527090

6. Everywhere Lady Gaga goes, Fozzi goes with her.

ID: 527028

7. He’s good like that.

Via http://CHP / FameFlynet%20Pictures
ID: 527000

8. He’ll hang with Gaga when she needs a drink…

ID: 526532

9. …or when she needs to ponder life’s greatest mysteries while gazing into the ocean.

Via http://CHP / FameFlynet%20Pictures
ID: 527001

10. He can call for an elevator.

ID: 527258

11. He doesn’t seem to mind all the paparazzi around him all the time…

ID: 527017

12. …stopping to sign an autograph…

ID: 527214

13. …or posing for a photo with a fan.

ID: 526567

14. He’s also really cuddly!

ID: 527055

15. He knows how to pose for the camera.

ID: 527265

16. He’s the star of Lady Gaga’s instagram account…

ID: 526540

19. Her twitter account…

ID: 526563

22. …and this short film of Gaga and Fozzi in Venice:

ID: 526546

23. He’s even inspired some Fozzi fan art.

ID: 526571

29. He’s even been meme’d…

ID: 527273

34. …and GIF’d:

ID: 527070

38. We love you, Fozzi!

ID: 527039

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