Jonathan Taylor Thomas And Zachery Ty Bryan Together Again

Two-thirds of the Home Improvement TV brothers were in the same place last night. Somebody ring the ’90s dreamboat alarm!

2. It’s ’90s reunion time!

Fox / Rex Images
ID: 1518268

3. Here’s Zachery Ty Bryan and JTT back then:

ABC Photo Archives / ABC via Getty Images
ID: 1518183

4. And now:

BEImages / Matt Baron
ID: 1518114

5. Then:

Ron Galella, Ltd / WireImage
ID: 1518174

6. Now:

BEImages / Matt Baron
ID: 1518099

7. Then…

ID: 1518210

8. Now!

BEImages / Matt Baron
ID: 1518100

9. Bye guys!

BEImages / Matt Baron
ID: 1518098

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