Hotties Of The Super Bowl

If you’re like me, you know absolutely nothing about either team that’s playing in the Super Bowl this year, but you’re going to watch anyway. With that in mind, here are all the men you should plan on staring at come Sunday because they are fine as hell.

2. Wes Welker: “Most Likely To Be Featured On A Pin-Up Calendar”

ID: 95612

3. Niko Koutouvides: “Most Likely To Have A Greek Heritage”

ID: 95566

4. Deion Branch: “Happiest”

ID: 94344

5. Julian Edelman:” Most Likely To Have Recently Appeared On America’s Next Top Model”

ID: 94350

6. Tiquan Underwood: “Most Likely To Love The Movie Friday”

ID: 95590

7. Stephen Gostkowski: “Most Likely To Be Cute, But Ultimately Boring In Bed”

ID: 94373

8. Aaron Hernandez: “Most Likely To Get Your Face Tattooed On His Body”

ID: 95494

9. Zoltan Mesko: “Most Likely To Speak Five Different Langauges”

ID: 95501

10. Devin McCourty: “Most Likely To Be On Time To Class”

ID: 95510

11. Danny Woodhead: “Most Likely To Hackey Sack”

ID: 104783

12. Nate Solder: “Most Likely To Look More Like A Soccer Player Than A Football Player”

ID: 95583

13. Chad Ochocinco: “Most Likely To Have Starred In His Own VH1 Dating Reality Series”

ID: 94385

14. Rob Gronkowski: “Most Likely To Be Affectionately Nicknamed ‘Gronk’”

ID: 94360

15. Nick McDonald: “Most Nordic-Looking”

ID: 104780

16. Kyle Arrington: “Most Swag”

ID: 94340

17. Rob Ninkovich: “Most Likely to Grow An Unfortunate-Looking Beard”

ID: 94389

18. Brian Hoyer: “Best Jazz Hands”

ID: 104764

19. Matthew Slater: “Best Glasses”

ID: 95578

20. Dan Connolly: “Most Likely To Dress Up As Santa Claus At Your Holiday Party”

ID: 94353

21. Brian Waters: “Most Likely To Give You A Pep Talk”

ID: 95604

22. Ryan Mallett: “Most Questionable Tattoos”

ID: 95548

23. Donald Thomas: “Most Likely To Have Sat Next To Me During An 8am Class In College”

(true story)

ID: 95570

24. Sebastian Vollmer: “Most Likely To Offer Up A Mustache Ride”

ID: 95598

25. Tom Brady: “Most Likely To Knock Up Gisele”

ID: 94328

27. Steve Weatherford: “Most Likely To Spend Wayyyy Too Much Time At The Gym”

I’m sorry, I meant the fucking gym.

ID: 104605

28. Prince Amukamara: “Best Arms”

ID: 103177

29. Jake Ballard: “Most Likely To Wait For You At The Top Of The Empire State Building”

ID: 103208

30. Aaron Ross: “Most Likely To Wear A Helmet As A Hat”

ID: 104526

31. Mark Herzlich: “Most Likely To Attend A Gathering Of The Juggalos”

ID: 103292

32. Mario Manningham: “Haziest”

ID: 104433

33. Mathias Kiwanuka: “Best Smile”

ID: 104429

34. Jimmy Kennedy: “Most Likely To Work At McDonalds”

ID: 104405

35. David Carr: “Most Likely To Be Confused For A Jonas Brother And/Or A New York Times Journalist”

ID: 103267

36. Justin Tuck: “Best Facial Expressions”

ID: 104576

37. Deon Grant: “Most Confident”

ID: 103288

38. Ramses Barden: “Tallest”

ID: 103238

39. Brandon Jacobs: “Most Likely To Be Photographed Inside Of Their Super Nice House”

ID: 104373

40. Kenny Phillips: “Best Sense Of Humor”

ID: 104448

41. Antrel Rolle: “Best Use Of A Backwards Hat”

ID: 104496

42. Eli Manning: “Most Difficult To Find Hot Photos Of On The Internet”

ID: 103268

43. Victor Cruz: “Best Headwear”

ID: 103278

44. Zak DeOssie: “Most Surprised”

ID: 103284

45. Will Blackmon: “Most Likely To Not Be Messing With You”

ID: 103259

46. Michael Boley: “Most Likely To Think Visors Are Actually Cool”

ID: 103260

47. Jerrel Jeringan: “Fiercest”

ID: 104395

48. Travis Beckum: “Preppiest”

ID: 103246

49. Tyler Sash: “Most Likely To Still Be Listening To Dashboard Confessional”

ID: 104538

50. Justin Trattou: “Best Hair”

ID: 104568

51. Chris Canty: “Most Blazin’ Guns”

ID: 103262

52. Osi Umenyiora: “Most Thoughtful”

ID: 104592

53. Lawrence Tynes: “Most Likely To Be Really, Really Good At Disco Dancing”

ID: 104583

54. Devin Thomas: “Most Likely To Give You The Bedroom Eyes”

ID: 104555

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