25 Heartwarming Ben And Leslie Moments From "Parks & Recreation"

To get you PUMPED for tonight’s episode (that will for sure make you cry).

1. When Ben brought Leslie waffles — her favorite — at the hospital.

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2. When Leslie taunted Ben with her naked portrait.

ID: 915606

3. This moment.

ID: 915268

4. The balloon animals they made of each other…

Adam Rose / NBC
ID: 914492

…and what they did to them.

Adam Rose / NBC
ID: 915223

5. Leslie’s video to Ann after she and Ben first hooked up.

ID: 914558

6. This photo on Leslie’s desk.

ID: 914655

7. When Ben had a Little Sebastian stuffed animal custom-made for Leslie.

ID: 915305

8. This moment.

ID: 915444

9. Leslie’s favorite place.

ID: 915422

10. When Ben created something that Leslie dreamed — a “Yachter Otter” — and surprised her with it.

ID: 915542

11. When the Wyatts met the Knopes — and Leslie made a quilt for the occasion.

ID: 914758

12. This moment in season two when you realize that Ben is falling for Leslie.

ID: 914667

13. Their handshake.

ID: 914682

14. When they said “I love you and I like you.”

ID: 915338

15. This scene.

ID: 915344

16. This moment.

ID: 915402

17. When Ben said that he loved Leslie on the record.

ID: 914581

18. When Ben stood up for Leslie and punched a guy.

ID: 915250

And Leslie rewarded him with this.

ID: 915252

19. Their first kiss.

ID: 914501

20. Their second “first kiss” when they got back together.

ID: 915516

21. This moment.

ID: 915512

22. When Ben gave Leslie this.

ID: 915461

23. The way that Ben looks at Leslie…

ID: 914521

(I mean, honestly.)

ID: 915530

24. The cliffhanger at the end of last week’s episode.

ID: 914426

25. And finally, Ben’s proposal to Leslie. (Grab a tissue.)

Can’t wait to have my heart melted even more tonight!

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