Bradley Cooper Finally Cut His Hair

B-Coops showed up in Washington D.C. over the weekend without his long locks. And I say, good riddance.

1. Oh there you are, Bradley Cooper! You look so different — and, sorry to say, BETTER!

Win McNamee / Getty Images
ID: 1240198

2. Yeah, really. We kind of hated it.

Win McNamee / Getty Images
ID: 1240197

3. Goodbye, Page-boy hair.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters
ID: 1240196

4. Goodbye, hair curlers.

INF Photo / Via buzzfeed.com
ID: 1240708

5. Goodbye, two random pieces of hair.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images / Via buzzfeed.com
ID: 1240707

6. Goodbye double bun.

KCS Presse / Splash News / Via buzzfeed.com
ID: 1240709

7. Don’t be nostalgic for your old hair.

Win McNamee / Getty Images
ID: 1240199

8. Because your new ‘do looks great!

Win McNamee / Getty Images
ID: 1240183

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