Bobbi Kristina Tells Oprah That Her Mom, Whitney Houston, Is “Always With Me”

Last night, Oprah’s exclusive interview with Whitney Houston’s daughter aired on OWN, to mixed reactions among viewers (as well as Houston’s family). Was it too soon to give such a public interview? Probably. But here it is, anyway.

A quick summation for those who may not wan to watch: Bobbi Kristina told Oprah that she can’t listen to her mother’s music for comfort (it hurts too much at this point) but that she’s “doing as good as I possibly can.” She also insinuated that her Mother is hanging around her mansion as a ghost, messing around with the lights and stuff: “Especially throughout the house, lights turning off and on. And I’ll say, ‘Mom, what are you doing?’”

On the last day her mother was alive, Bobbi told Oprah: “I slept in her arms all night and all day long.” In regards to her future aspirations, she says she want to follow in her Mother’s footsteps: “We’re going to do the singing, the acting thing, the dancing.”

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