The 21 Best Moments Of Justin Timberlake On “Saturday Night Live”

See all the great things you missed last night — including JT’s response to Kanye West’s diss.

1. When Justin introduced himself as musical guest.

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2. When he dissed Kanye West with such style that nobody really noticed it.

Complex points out that Timberlake changed the words from Sh*t so sick/Got a hit and picked up a habit to, My hits so sick/Got rappers acting dramatic in his performance of “Suit & Tie” — a response to Kanye’s rants about Justin and Jay-Z’s collaboration he was filmed making at shows in Paris and London last week.

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3. This face.

ID: 971136

4. This roll.

ID: 971148

5. Opting out of the monologue for a sketch that would make comedy nerds delighted.

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ID: 971203

6. So, so delighted.

ID: 971218

7. He even brought the Three Amigos back together.

ID: 971157

8. “Game night!”

ID: 971202

9. How he made a recurring sketch relevant again by “bringing it on down to Veganville.”

ID: 971209

10. The return of the “Dick In A Box” guys.

ID: 971140

11. Who in turn, led to the return of these guys.

ID: 971141

12. This fake (but totally believable) rom-com:

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ID: 971139

13. And the title screen that went along with it:

ID: 971142

14. This mustache.

ID: 971190

15. This hair.

ID: 971195

16. This drink dressed like Gilly.

ID: 971227

17. This Elton John impression.

ID: 971212

18. SNL did their own Harlem Shake.

ID: 971177

20. A random horse mask.

ID: 971146

21. This joke.

ID: 971170

So yeah, you were pretty good, previous four Timberlake-hosted episodes…

ID: 971155

…but this one may take the cake.

ID: 971150

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