14 Signs You’re Addicted To Relationship Drama

Drama, drama, drama. Now you can enjoy it in your relationship and everyone else’s. Check out JWoww & Roger, Gretchen & Slade, as they face a whole new reality on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Don’t miss these 10 super-sized egos during the premiere on Friday May 30th at 9|8c on WE tv.

1. You say “We’ll go wherever you want to go,” then get totally outraged over the spot they choose for dinner.

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2. Sometimes you’ll post a #tbt of you and your ex.

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#tbt #meandmyex #lookhowcutewewere #bestcoupleever

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3. You go through their entire email inbox once a week just to see if you can find anything incriminating.

W. Herring
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4. Your stock response to “I love you”:

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5. You cook dinner for them, but include food they’re allergic to.

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“Nuts? What nuts?”

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6. You go to parties with your S.O. and flirt with everyone but him/her.

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7. You try to pick fights so often, they don’t even react anymore.

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8. You leave your phone out so they see that people of the opposite gender are texting you.

A. Nyst
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9. You post passive-aggressive Facebook statuses while you’re still fighting.

A. Nyst
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10. You’ve gotten so good at the throwing-your-drink move that your partner leaves the room the second you start pouring.

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11. You don’t respond to their texts or calls for 48 hours, then you act as if that’s not unusual and they’re “smothering you.”

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12. You say “Maybe we should just break up” at least once a day.

Satisha Krishnamurthy / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: unlistedsightings
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13. You constantly compare them to your exes.

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14. You subtweet them all the time.

kinda love you, kinda hate you

— (@trvpicaI)
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And most of your fights end with a trip to the ER.

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Join Tanisha and Clive as they struggle to save their marriage alongside four other couples on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars premiering Friday, May 30 at 9/8c on WE tv.

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