20 Everyday Moments That Make Life A Little Better

We all have rough days. Maybe you missed breakfast. Or maybe your favorite team just lost a big game. Here are a few moments you can’t help but smile at. Come on. Get happy.

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1. Watching Our Parents Trying To “Keep Up”

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2. Seeing One Of These

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3. When We Get Good Mail

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4. Actually Witnessing Life Imitate Art

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5. When They Try To Get Us To Appreciate What They Found

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6. Coming Home To See That Someone Else Made The Bed That Morning

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7. Realizing We’re Not That Bad At Cooking After All

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8. When Throwing Something Away Is Really Difficult

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9. Looking Down At Exactly The Right Moment

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10. When They Want Her To Call Just As Much As We Do

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11. Homemade Treats At Work

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12. When We Realize Our Broom Looks Like Johnny Bravo

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13. Finding A Keychain With Our Name On It When We Have A Unique Name

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14. Having The Entire Row To Ourselves

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15. Whenever this Happens

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16. Seeing An Elderly Couple Who Are Still Together

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17. Awesome Discounts

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18. Turning Them Over And Seeing This For The First Time

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19. Spotting A Constellation (Without Help!)

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20. Being Rewarded For Still Looking At License Plates

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