15 Gifs To Share With Your Friend That’s Having A Rough Day

It gets better. Tomorrow’s another day. Come on. Get happy.

1. Dear Friend, I know you’ve had a tough day

ID: 830717

2. And not everything has gone as planned

ID: 830640

3. But shake it off

ID: 830050

4. And don’t do anything stupid

ID: 830225

5. Because I’m here for you.

ID: 830061

6. The world is full of fakes

ID: 830224

7. but you, my friend, are one of a kind

ID: 830220

8. So go for a ride

ID: 830049

9. And maybe grab a meal

ID: 830228

10. Because tomorrow is going to be a good day

ID: 830205

11. a good day to join a party

ID: 830066

12. Or to battle turtles

ID: 830258

13. So spread your wings

ID: 830097

14. And remember, you’ll always have me.

ID: 830261

15. And I’m tired of dancing by myself.

ID: 830048

Inspired by Volkswagen. Get in. Get happy.

ID: 840424

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