14 Kids Having The Best Day Ever

These kids may have only been alive for few hundred days, but this is definitely the best of them yet. Presents, presidents, and candy. This is what life is all about.

1. “Yu-Gi-OMG!”

2. “Wait… is that a PIZZA!?!”

3. “I can see EVERYTHING from up here!”

4. Is that REALLY Sponge Bob?!?!

5. “French fries taste like rainbows and birthday presents!”

6. “All I’ve got is the empty road and my dad’s back in front of me!”

7. “Dang, Kobe, you’ve got great handwriting!”

8. “Finally my door-to-door hard work has paid off!”

9. “I’m not moving, but I’m moving!”

10. “I’m a… bunny? I’m a bunny! I’M A BUNNY!!!”

11. “I slipped and then I slided!”

12. “I’m never washing this hand or this head ever again!”

13. “I can’t hear anything!”

14. “I know you’ve already seen me a million times before, but I’m still having the best day ever!!!!!!!”

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