12 Little Ways To Win In Life

Life is pretty great as it is — but if any of the following happens to you, you’re doing an excellent job at living it.

1. Fitting Back Into Your “Skinny” Sweater

2. Being Someone’s Hero

3. Capturing This Moment Because You Already Had Your Phone Out

4. Having Someone Be This Excited To See You

5. Being Asked To Actually Come Out During A Game Of “Hide And Seek” Because Your Hiding Place Was Just Too Good

6. Realizing You Have An Incredibly Awesome Neighbor

7. Having Enough Money (And Courage) To Get This Haircut

8. Getting Approved To Buy This House

9. When Your Breakfast Does This

10. Finally Showing That Wrapping Paper Who’s Boss

11. Seeing That Your Dog Has His Own Dog

12. Figuring Out How To Do This

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