What You Think Life After College Is Like Vs. Reality

Spoiler alert: Apparently life after college is mostly work, and getting hit in the face. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Expectation

You’re going to shake things up. Look out world!

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Ahhhhhh, nope.

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2. Expectation

We’re all getting JOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

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Welcome to the worst job market in the history of ever.

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3. Expectation

‘Bout to get paid. Rack city up in here.

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You mean I have to pay these loans back?

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4. Expectation

Now it’s time to party!

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Time to knuckle down and get to work.

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5. Expectation

Gonna be running things.

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Oh hai, unpaid internship.

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6. Expectation

Baller crib. Living free and easy.

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Living rent free in the ‘rents basement.

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7. Expectation

You’re ready to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

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What it takes to get ahead is cray.

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8. Expectation

Time to join the captains of industry in your chosen field.

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Your career path will most likely take some unexpected turns.

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9. Expectation

I have a degree. I know how to do stuff.

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The stuff you’ve learned is somewhat questionable.

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10. Expectation

You’re all grown up and ready to handle your business

ID: 1237230


You probably need a lil’ more work

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11. So yeah, it sucks

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12. But don’t let it beat you up.

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13. Just go with it.

ID: 1237631

14. Someday you’ll be the boss.

ID: 1237738

15. And you’ll make the rules.

ID: 1237765

16. And that is so baller.

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