15 Things That Won’t Happen If Gay People Get Married

We’re not gonna tell you how to love. Celebrate You - Virgin Mobile

1. The world will not end.

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2. Christmas will not be canceled.

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3. There will be no sex riot.

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4. Dogs and cows will not make sweet sweet love.

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5. Your children will not suddenly become fabulous.

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6. Penguins are not going to take to the skies.

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7. Beyonce is not going to stop ruling the world.

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8. Babes will not stop being babes.

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9. No one is going to take all your swag.

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10. Bacon will not up and disappear.

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11. Cats are not going to leave the internet.

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12. The sky will not fall.

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13. George R. R. Martin is not going to stop killing everyone you care about.

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14. You are not going to run out of beer.

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15. America will not end, and your freedom is not going anywhere.

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Instead, some people that really love each other will go get married.

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And then maybe go have a sandwich.

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September 21, 1996 - June 26, 2013 declared unconstitutional

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Love Wins,
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