11 Things No One Wants To See You Vine

Your 6 seconds of fame starts now. Welcome to the Android OS, Vine. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Sleeping

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Andy Warhol did this once. No one liked it then.

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2. Your Student Film

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So deep, bro. So deep.

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3. Bongs

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This is public. It’s public! Someday you might want a job or something.

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4. Drum Circles

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Can we get this technology out of the hands of hippies, please.

ID: 1241735

5. Food

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What is this? Instagram?

ID: 1241778

6. Interpretive Dance

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Celebrate the body electric on your own time.

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7. Feet

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Show’s up here, friend.

ID: 1241895

8. Making Out

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Total PDA fail.

ID: 1241929

9. Your Workout

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Do you even lift? Oh yeah. I guess you do.

ID: 1241954

10. The Radio

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There’s already a place for that. It’s called Spotify.

ID: 1241974

11. Sketch Comedy

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Chill Chevy Chase. This ain’t SNL.

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#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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