The Terrible Taxidermy Of Instagram

Even photo filters can’t save these stuff jobs. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Mr. Fox, you so fantastic.

ID: 685246

3. Botox: A Retrospective

ID: 685251

5. We can’t stop here. It’s bat country!

ID: 685258

6. ‘Ello Guv-nah!

ID: 685261

10. Bring me all the children

ID: 685339

11. Not sure if high, or just needs glasses.

ID: 685354

12. Remember when your art teacher told you to bring in empty toilet paper tubes?

ID: 685369

14. At least it gets ok reception

ID: 685451

15. Terribly awesome

Hi ho, Slither! Away!

ID: 685460

Much Love,

-Virgin Mobile

ID: 685643

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