The 12 Best Things To Do While You’re On The Toilet

It’s a fast paced world full of burritos. You have to learn to multitask, and not just sit on your ass when you sit on your ass.

1. Time yourself

Most phones have a stopwatch feature. Set a record, then try to break it!

2. Take the saddest photos

That’s a great shot of your knees a magazine and some tile.

3. Shazam

The person in the next stall’s rhythmic grunts and groans sound familiar, but what’s the name of that song?

4. Yelp

Rate this stall on Yelp. I give the décor and cleanliness 3 stars, but the stall graffiti is definitely a 2.

5. Stream and watch the entire 1st season of Dr. Who

Traveling in a little box through time is just the way to take your mind off the task at hand.

6. Update your personal Wikipedia article

People want to know what you’re doing right this second!

7. Google yourself


8. Draw Brad Pitt for the 5th time on Draw Free

One handed.

9. Order new undies

Rush delivery.

10. Google Montezuma

What does this guy have against you?

11. Download waterfall apps

When humming won’t help ya, humming won’t do you no good.

12. Have the loudest phone conversation humanly possible

The only way they’ll hear you over the sound of yourself is by shouting.

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