The 10 Absolute Worst People Possible To Have Naked Photos Leak

After Charlize Theron’s s April Fools joke, she should be on this list too. There’s a fine line between sexy and creepy, and she crossed it #tooweird, Char.

1. Whoopi Goldberg

That’s just wrong.

2. Marilyn Manson

See what I mean?

3. Betty White

She’s adorable, with her clothes on.

4. Iggy Pop

Based on the half I’ve already seen.

5. Carrot Top

I don’t think I can even finish making this list.

6. Woody Allen

GAG, seriously.

7. Richard Simmons

Too sweaty. Too hairy.

8. Steve Buscemi

It’s like seeing a naked alien…well they’re all naked, but still.

9. Lindsay Lohan


10. Voldemort

Does he even have a body?

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