15 Reasons We Need A Drink

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1. Your tweet never got retweeted

Not even a single favorite.

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2. When you find out the reindeer are really just dogs

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3. Halloween barely ended and it’s Christmas already

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4. The bottle goes bad if you don’t finish it

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5. The office holiday party is an open bar

ID: 1915234

6. Responsibility

ID: 1915270

7. It’s breakfast

ID: 1915284

8. Oh great, another dinner with your significant other’s friends

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9. The two QBs you drafted have the same bye week, this week

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10. Your favorite rug is ruined

ID: 1915313

11. They gave Dana the promotion. Seriously! Dana!

ID: 1915335

12. When your nine-year-old cousin starts talking about her new boyfriend and you’re 30 and still single

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13. $1 draft night!

ID: 1915404

14. ‘Cause that guy’s buying

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