15 Reasons We Love Our Free Spirited Moms

It wasn’t easy raising a kid named Moonstar Batcave, but somehow Mom did it. Happy Mother’s Day. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Hey, living in the forest was kind of badass.

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2. And you took us everywhere.

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3. And taught us to be free, and just go with it.

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4. And encouraged our creativity.

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5. And made us really fun toys.

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6. And you were always open and honest.

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7. And helped us clean our rooms.

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8. And opened us up to new experiences.

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9. And opened up our third eyes.

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10. And bought us our first dream catcher.

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11. And paid for our first dream catcher tattoo.

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12. And drove us to school.

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13. And traded a burrito for a miracle to get us into our first ‘Dead show.

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14. And even though sometimes you borrowed our stuff.

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15. Yours was always better.

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#Obviously - Virgin Mobile

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