15 Reasons Penguins Are Way Better Than Cats

Cats had their day, but the future belongs to flightless water fowl. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. The party doesn’t start ‘til penguins show up

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2. They are all business

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3. Penguins move in packs

How are there no street gangs named after penguins? Seems like an oversight.

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4. and don’t even care

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5. Penguins play the beautiful game

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6. They are full of grace and poise

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7. Penguins like to party… hard

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8. and they know how to shake it

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9. Penguins will mess you up, bro

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10. They don’t start none, but they finish

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11. Penguins keep each other in line

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12. They will take you right to the edge… and past it

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13. Penguins don’t sweat the whole “flightless” thing

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14. They drop bombs on ya

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15. Penguins friggin’ rock

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#RetrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

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