19 People Whose Pets Might Not Be Street Legal

Pets are a reflection of their owners. Always be yourself. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. I think your dog knocked over my trashcans

ID: 1081364

2. Taking Spot for a walk. Be back in 12 hours.

ID: 1081367

3. Do you mind if I pet your… uh … fishy.

ID: 1081373

4. Big in Japan? We’re huge.

ID: 1081382

5. With so many bear parks in the city, why would you walk your bear in the street?

ID: 1081404

6. Oh him, he’s wasted.

ID: 1081410

7. He’s a terrier. Of course I have a license.

ID: 1081428

8. Jib Jub rarely throws poop. Rarely.

ID: 1081443

9. Just hanging with the Starks.

ID: 1081449

10. She all like, “Go faster”.

ID: 1081456

11. This pet does not keep the bullies away.

ID: 1082600

12. Just hanging with the Targaryens.

ID: 1081468

13. That’s just my pet ‘Merica.

ID: 1081480

14. Yes. She can totally haz cheeseburger.

ID: 1081505

15. Dude was buying Gatorade. Oooooooohhhhh!

ID: 1082625

16. In 15 years, the bus had yet to stop for Larry and his seeing-eye lion.

ID: 1082603

17. Play it cool, Steve. I don’t think anyone noticed.

ID: 1082604

19. Which one of you pooped on my lawn?!

ID: 1081439

#RetrainYourBrain- Virgin Mobile

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