Moms, Technology & The Internet

Thanks moms for bringing more gold to the ‘net and enriching our online experience!

1. Taking our super-jacked profile pics

2. Truly believing your children control google

3. Breastfeeding in our news feeds

4. Starring in many awkward family photos

5. Rowdy antics at graduation party inspires popular meme

6. Parenting through picture messages

7. Leaked photos become internet sensations

8. Photo-bombing the occasional profile pic

9. Sharing what some cultures consider smoking hot pregnant photos

10. Justifiably not getting the duck face

11. Without teen moms, this would never exist

12. Making up for not having Facebook in college, by reliving college

13. Keeping our internet alter egos from getting huge

14. Pretty much always using emoticons properly

15. Working on your touch screen skills

16. Telling all your tweeps how selfless you are

17. Enabling us to have fun while still being your friend on Facebook

18. Never hesitating to call your kids at work to help program the DVR

19. Motivating us to be more productive on weekends

20. Preserving classic memories on the internet where they will live forever in infamy

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