20 Moments That Blew Your Mind

These things cannot be explained by coincidence, or science, or words of explanation. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. When you found out they were the same person

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2. When you found out they might be the same person?

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3. The first time you did geometry in the mirror

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4. When you learned how to distguish the two kinds of elephants

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5. When you discovered you could play music after all

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6. When you unlocked the secret to the Michael Caine

Like when Coog’s nailed it here

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7. When you realized it was THAT guy

ID: 971830

8. When you discovered the secret

ID: 971849

9. When astronomy hit home

ID: 971852

10. When you read this

ID: 971854

11. When you figured this out

ID: 971860

12. When you caught the adult joke in the kid’s flic

ID: 971886

13. When this was totally plausible

ID: 971892

14. When your eyes are opened to the truth

ID: 971897

15. When you realized Uncle Phil was Shredder

ID: 971909

16. When you realized Sid was in Toy Story 3

ID: 971920

17. When you finally see it

ID: 971932

18. When it all became clear

ID: 971941

19. When you figured out Wolverine was just two Batmen

ID: 971948

20. When you know you’ve seen that before

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#BreakFree - Virgin Mobile

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