If Your Favorite Animals Were Social Networks

When you’re on a social network spirit quest it’s best to know who’s driving. Enjoy these social media spirit animals with your mind.

1. Instakitty

Instakitty can see through your filters to the color of your aura.

2. Cheating Dog

Cheating Dog will heal the scars on your heart with metphysicality and all night leg humping.

3. Denver the Last Dinosaur

Denver the Last Dinosaur believes in the ancient ways and the healing power of music.

4. Bronx Zoo Cobra

The Bronx Zoo Cobra is live tweeting your soul.

5. Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is taking a holistic approach to hilarity.

6. Successful Business Cat

Successful Business Cat is diversifying your sutras.

7. Pinteresting Peacock

Pinteresting Peacock knows mantras can’t be copyrighted.

8. Pig About Town

Pig About Town is unimpressed with the vegan lattes of your mind.

9. The Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is getting in touch with himself, and no one else.

10. Socially Awkward Penguin

Socially Awkward Penguin survives in large groups by liking all your posts, and creeping all your pics with his third eye.

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