15 Action Figures No One Ever Asked For

These toys have left a lot of Christmas mornings in their wake. Much Love - Virgin Mobile

1. Adorable mini mag, sky tops, and super fab hair. Let’s play!

ID: 1172147

2. Side of beef. With real side of beef action!

ID: 1172170

3. …and if you thought that was the weirdest Rocky toy, you don’t know Frank.

ID: 1172252

4. Now with even more fiscal responsibility for hours of conservative fun.

ID: 1172197

5. If I could turn back time, I’d return it.

ID: 1172530

6. Looks like Ice borrowed Cher’s wardrobe

ID: 1172522

7. The doll the liberal toy companies don’t want you to know about.

ID: 1172518

8. “Mom! Can I have a Joey Fatone doll? Mom! can I have a Joey Fatone doll?” - said no one ever

ID: 1172550

9. He’s the cap’n. Of the Love Boat. I guess it’s time to grow up.

ID: 1172580

11. I’m getting too old for this.

ID: 1172809

12. Kinda just want to eat his face.

ID: 1173282

13. The Julian Assange doll comes complete with page after page of government secrets that no one has the time to read anyway.

ID: 1173317

14. I am not a smart toy. But I know what fun is.

ID: 1173377

15. The action figure for the disconnected, drunk, and extremely well dressed.

ID: 1173582

#ReatrainYourBrain - Virgin Mobile

ID: 1173940

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