20 Awkward Celebrity Twitpic Moments With Fans

The life of a celebrity isn’t all Maybachs and movie premieres. Sometimes you have to deal with the common folk too. Much love, Virgin Mobile

1. Jack Nicholson and the Joker

ID: 433130

2. Danica Patrick signs some chest beefers

ID: 433624

3. Jerry Seinfeld - What’s the deal with that?

ID: 438328

4. Hayden Panettiere keeps the world safe from the spread of diseases

ID: 433316

5. Spike Lee is so f@cking excited to meet you!!!!!!!!!!

ID: 438383

6. Lady Gaga - um, rawwr

ID: 438357

7. George Bush doesn’t care about young people

ID: 436733

8. Henry Rollins meets his angry as f@ck fanbase

ID: 433464

9. Remember that kid from the Terminator? Yeah, things didn’t really work out.

ID: 477335

10. Set phasers on run

ID: 477198

11. It’s hard when your fans are more fabulous than you

ID: 477213

12. I’m your biggest fan. I smell all your records.

ID: 477353

13. Right after this picture was taken Gary Busey ate one of his own fingers

ID: 477222

14. Right after this picture was taken, Carrot Top asked if he could borrow $5

ID: 477227

15. Don’t stand too close to mildly sedated Hugh Grant

ID: 477309

16. Hey! I know that guy!

ID: 477280

17. Dude, Luke Skywalker. And me without my meds.

ID: 477322

18. Tom Cruise just can’t get over your incredible pores

ID: 507904

19. Call me “Buffy”

ID: 477264

20. Well looky here

ID: 477457

Much love,
Virgin Mobile

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