16 Important Things No One Told You About College

We’re sure you received countless tidbits of wisdom and advice before heading out for freshman year, but we’re willing to bet no one ever passed along these gems - even if they are true.

1. C’s Get Degrees

2. Quad is Spanish for, “Domain Of The Douche”

3. What You Learn Here Stays With You For A Lifetime

4. Entry Level Jobs In Your Major Require 5+ Year’s Experience

5. Average cost $200k. Average time to pay it back 32 years.

6. Everybody Knows Just How “Crazy” You “Party”

7. The Freshman 15 Is More Like Freshman 30

8. There Is Such A Thing As A Stupid Question

9. Sweatpants Are NOT Pants

10. Messages On Facebook Can Be Used In Court

11. Dropping Out Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

12. Nike Never Sponsored An Ultimate Team

13. Your Wool Hooded Poncho Doesn’t Make You A Rasta

14. Layering Collars Does Not Layer Cool

15. You Don’t Get To Pick Your Roommate

16. Yelling “This Is Our Song!” Does Not Make It Your Song

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