15 Totally Appropriate Reactions To Sexting The Wrong Person

It’s bound to happen…

1. When they’re into it and they ARE hot.

ID: 308629

2. When they’re into it but NOT hot.

ID: 308591

3. When the “wrong” person sexts me back.

ID: 308614

4. When I sexted Dad.

ID: 308526

5. When I sexted the ex.

ID: 308639

6. When I sexted the other ex.

ID: 308675

7. When they sext me back.

ID: 308717

8. When I sexted my boss.

ID: 308724

9. When I sexted my grandmother.

ID: 308745

10. When I sexted my mother.

ID: 310262

11. When I sexted my coworker.

ID: 310341

12. When I accidentally sexted the same wrong person twice.

ID: 310318

13. When I sext the wrong person and try to think of a lie to get out of it.

ID: 308910

14. When I don’t even care who I sexted.

ID: 310208

15. When I realize I actually sexted the right person.

ID: 308698

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